Saturday, February 5, 2011

Duty Calls

You may have heard of a newly released free to play game that has been going around called Duty Calls.  The title of this game is purely coincidence and has no relation to a popular game with a similar title, i.e. Call of Duty.  It's a silly shooter that makes of the Call of Duty series in any way it can.  If you haven't already watched the game play for it, you can download and play it for yourself at the official website.  It doesn't take long at all to beat and should be enjoyed for the humor. 

If you're like me and were too lazy to actually download and play it, you can watch the full game here:


  1. That was freaking hilarious. "boring boring, I am bad guy, boring boring"

  2. Played some counter strike years ago but never been big on FPS games myself. heard anything about DC Heroes m8? It looks like it might be a PS3 game?!
    also about the snow in my area ... I live in Alabama and we didn't really get snow the other day more of a slushy ice mix for an hour or so but we just see so little of it we don't know how to cope :D