Thursday, November 11, 2010


Conan had an amazing first episode.  I'm a sucker for his humor and I'm very happy to see him back on air.  The intro skit to the first episode was very clever and his first week back on air has been great. 

Hope his success with TBS continues.  Their team has been doing a great job of putting the episodes on the Team Coco website the next day.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hello November!

Hopefully everyone had an excellent Halloween this year, here's to hoping the rest of the year goes well too.  A few things I'd like to discuss in this post is the Minecraft update, TF2 Scream Fortress update, the new Walking Dead TV miniseries, and Conan's new television show.

I figure we should get this out of the way first, the much hyped Minecraft Halloween update.  To me, this update was a huge let down.  It was really hyped by pretty much everyone and I can say after playing and seeing everything it added to the game that it was not that fun.  When I first tried to download the update all of the minecraft servers were down which was pretty annoying.  After waiting an hour I downloaded the update and started a new world.  The first thing I noticed was the biomes, it was pretty cool seeing variations in all of the dirt tiles as you explored the land but in a way it spoils the simplicity of Minecraft.  After setting up a base and digging around I finally found enough obsidian for the nether gate.  The nether looked nice but once again was underwhelming.  The two new mobs in hell are the ghast and zombie pigmen.  The sounds the ghasts make become very annoying very fast.  Overall opinion of the halloween update, could have been much better with less hype and more work by Notch.

Now on to the Team Fortress 2 Scream Fortress update.  I'm enjoying this update a lot.  The Mann Manor map is great, the boss is fun, and the new items and hats looks nice.  The Horseless Headless Horsemann(HHH) is completely new territory for TF2 and it was done right.  Except for a few pathing errors which were quickly patched, the HHH acts as the great equalizer among both sides.  He spawns on the actively contested control point and can run rather quickly to the closest chosen target and quickly kill them with one swipe of it's axe.  The only way to get the HHH off your trail is to either die, attack a player from the other team with a melee weapon, outrun it, or become invulnerable by a medics ubercharge.  When you melee the HHH and it dies you have a chance to get a haunted scrap metal and with it the Gored! achievement.  Each person is allowed only one haunted scrap metal and with it you can craft the HHH's axe or a random halloween hat.  One of my only complaints about the Scream Fortress update is the Haunted Halloween gifts that spawn every 5 minutes at a random location on the map.  Inside the box is a random class specific Halloween Mask and when you craft each of Halloween masks for every class together you get the Saxton Hale Mask and the Sachston Hale achievement.  I crafted the Saxton Mask earlier today and got the achievement but my main problem with it is that it encourages item farming and as soon as a gift spawns everyone in the server stops whatever they're doing to look for the gift.  As you can imagine, this interrupts gameplay with everyone playing as scouts to get to the present before anyone else does.  Because of this some people have begun farming these gifts to ensure that they get masks and last time I checked TF2 isn't a RPG where you need to grind to get ahead of other players.  Overall, amazing update.  Valve did a great job and I hope they learned from their mistakes with this event.  I wouldn't mind seeing more holiday related events as well. 

I have been looking forward to The Walking Dead miniseries on AMC since I heard about it around 2 or 3 months ago.  In a few interviews with the producers and directors they said they planned on following the original comic book series closely which got me excited because of how great the comic book series is.  I expected a very loose translation from comic book to the TV screen but they did an amazing job.  There were a few minor differences but they definitely stuck to their promise and followed the original story as closely as possible.  You should definitely check this out if you're interested in zombies and good stories.  The premier of The Walking Dead was amazing, I'm really looking forward to the next episode.

Finally, Conan O' Brien is coming back on air next Monday November 8th on TBS, his talk show will be titled Conan. I've been looking forward to this day ever since NBC basically forced Conan out of his newly acquired Tonight Show hosting job not so long ago.  Check out his premier on TBS next Monday if you haven't watched him yet.  One thing to know when you're watching him perform is to not take him too seriously.

With that, feel free to respond with your Halloween experience and what you think about the above topics.