Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Night Combat Steam Promotion

Monday Night Combat has been on the Xbox Live Arcade since August 11, 2010 and today is the release date for it's PC debut through Steam.  The TF2 Team is giving anyone that purchases the game on Steam through 10 AM PST, February 1, 2011 cross game items as a promotional boost.  TF2 players will receive two unique hats and a scout miscellaneous accessories item.  MNC players will receive class items that reflect their TF2 counterparts.

Here's a summary of the new items:
  • Bonk! Slash!: Spy mask and Scout headphones worn by Assassin
  • Mental Illness: Sniper hat worn by Sniper
  • Jet Guns Are Better: Pyro's gasmask worn by Tank
  • Eye Lad: Demoman's cap and eyepatch worn by Assault
  • Bavcon: Heavy's bandolier worn by Gunner
  • Doctor Dispenser: Medic's backpack and Engineer's hardhat worn by Support
  • The Athletic Supporter: Available for every TF2 class
  • The Superfan: The Mascot's hat worn by the Scout
  • The Essential Accessories:The Mascot's wristbands, socks and shoes worn by the Scout 
 One thing I love about MNC is the cheap price, $15 for a good game is hard to come by when you're normally expected to pay upwards of $50-$60 for a new game of the same quality.  If you're interested in playing, check out the MNC store page on the Steam website. 


  1. If only I played these games. Turned off my Ultima Online (WoW predecessor) and City of Heros accts long ago to cut costs at home. Now the most I do is splurge $10-15 ever 3-4 months at Target/Wal-Mart. :<
    Plus onboard gfx suck ass.

  2. Not too big in to the sports type games myself. :/
    Im always the guy whose dead last in standings in any FPS or sports game.

  3. man i sure love Hat Fortress 2, its awesome