Friday, October 22, 2010

Rapture in Minecraft

I just saw this on Youtube and was very impressed by it.  Some Penny Arcade members got together and created Rapture in Minecraft.  It's very fun to watch, it starts out the same way Bioshock does.  Your the sole survivor of an airplane crash in the middle of the ocean, as you swim to the surface there is wreckage around and you manage to swim to a mysterious structure to escape the water.  From there it goes on to include pretty much everything in Rapture. 

 Part 2

Now, I played through Bioshock a few years ago so I was surprised to actually recognize a few of the features.  I loved the little touches they added like making skins for every player, objects like the wrenches, adam machines, the soundtrack, and sound effects.  Columbia, the new setting for Bioshock 2, was also created in Minecraft but I don't think Bioshock 2 is even out yet so I'm not sure how that could be accurate.

As for my Minecraft project, I've been slacking a lot.  I've been playing too much SMP, in particular helping to finish another awesome project which involves a whole lot of mining. 


  1. No more minecraft! It turns brains to tapioca!!!!!

  2. That is......Wow. Holy crap. That is just amazing. I mean, don't get me wrong, it makes me very worried that this individual has no life, but this is just so truly incredible I can'

  3. Bioshock 2 should be coming out soon. cool videos too.

  4. And my wife used to say I was obsessed with Planetarion/planetia and UO :x

  5. this is pretty amazing, but i keep find my self asking.. wth is the point