Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gamer Food: Garlic cheese toast

Hey guys hopefully this is a new part of my blog where I can show all of you how to make food I love to make when I'm too busy gaming to bother taking too long to cook a real meal.  These are all pretty much great to make if you're in college, have a busy life, or just want something easy to make that tastes great.

-no image currently(out of shredded cheese :x)

What you'll need: 
  • Garlic salt
  • Wheat bread
  • Shredded cheddar cheese
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Butter

1.  Brown the wheat bread in a toaster, I usually make two at a time.  You don't want to burn it or have flimsy soft bread, nasty.
2.  Once bread is toasted take it out and spread some butter on it.
3.  Put a bit of garlic salt over the butter, again, find the balance that suits you best.  Too much and it tastes gross, too little and you won't be able to taste it.
4.  Dash some parmesan over the garlic salt.  If you're using fresh parmesan, you want to finely grate it over, the smaller the cheese the better.  On top of the parmesan place as much shredded cheddar cheese as you like. 
5.  Set it in the microwave for about 30 seconds.  The time will vary but the goal is to melt all of the cheese.
6.  Delicious.

Next time I make this I'll be sure to edit in a proper picture.  Feel free to tell me about any gamer food you make. 

Also, this was inspired by sarynsaur's blog.


  1. this sounds absolutely freakin delicious =)

  2. takes longer than opening a bag of chips. That's less time spent gaming!

  3. yummm thanks, im gonna make this soon =D

  4. Haha niceee, I might try to make this tomorrow; being a gamer and all :P. Following and will check back often!!

    If interested, my blog is about Starcraft 2 :D

  5. awww hell yea >:)

    make some beefaroni or real spaghetti and your set

  6. Chips become boring after awhile, besides it's good to stretch your legs every now and then hehe.

    *drool* Beefaroni with this would be delicious, none of that all natural beefaroni either. I had some ravioli with meatballs earlier, it was natural with no preservatives I guess, one of the nastiest things you will ever eat.

  7. Yeahh! might try it out later :p

  8. I eat this shit all the time and its fucking delicious.

  9. I have made this many times with various pasta or Italian dishes and in all honesty nothing I buy in the stores ever touches the home made version. It is a fast and easy snack.

  10. me i like sesame seeds, peanuts, and a little HUMMMUS

  11. tried it: awesome!!

    Im done with my Glenn Beck review

  12. I'm thoroughly enjoying green products right now and now I'm going to Denny's because I ate half a loaf of bread.

  13. more recipies please!

  14. Oh yum!
    I will make sure I cook it!
    Mesty =)

  15. My student loan just come through, I'm making me some of this tonight!